Rendered Speechless LLC


Rendered Speechless was founded in 2009 by Chutima Freeman, an interior Architect with decades of experience creating architectural presentations. Our backgrounds in design, architecture and photography gives us a deep understanding of the processes, pressures and requirements of design presentation. Our talented team of artists and designers use the latest technology to maintains our unrivalled ability to meet the tightest deadlines with the highest quality work.

Not only does technology play a major role in our creative work, but also in the way we communicate with our clients. Completed projects can be available within minutes of completion securely through the Internet. You can review your projects in progress and provide comments and feedback just as quickly. Although located in the New York metropolitan area, this system has allowed us to work closely with clients all over North America.

Feel free to email us at or call (646) 202-2909. We look forward to helping you meet your deadlines with a quality presentation.

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